What is Conscious Connected Breathing?

Conscious: We do too many things unconsciously, almost instinctively; we breathe "normally" and pretty much take it for granted. In fact, often when we are stressed or panicked we actually stop breathing. In the CCB process we focus on our breathing. It becomes a circular technique by which we allow the breath to move in an unrestricted way taking in as much oxygen as possible.

Breathing: The key here is that the entire process occurs naturally; we reduce and release anxiety and stress in a drug free manner. CCB is a safe, effective and permanent healing technique and it opens the door to self-awareness, self acceptance and self-love.

Connected: Here we keep the flow of the breathing (inhaling and exhaling) going in a natural unbroken rhythm. This creates an opening to the subconscious mind and allows stored suppression to surface. These often are negatively repressed emotions, memories and energy blockages. As these arise into our conscious awareness, we then have the opportunity to relax into and accept whatever, wherever, and however it is happening, thereby integrating (healing) them at the cellular level quickly, effectively and permanently.

Breathwork Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is CCB done individually or in groups?
It can be efficacious in both settings depending on the objectives and desired results. The process takes about two hours. I've often facilitated groups of 5 - 15 participants as a way of introducing them to the process and to assist them in enjoying immediate results. The participants have generally, consistently reported a considerable drop in tension and stress and can see immediate applications in their work and life. Those who want to pursue issues more deeply often sign up for more one-on-one sessions. This would usually consist of 10 - 15 sessions over a three to four month period.

Q. How long have you been doing CCB and how did you get started?
It has been a lifelong experience of learning and integrating. I began in 1985 after a trip to India. My initial training was in Dallas, TX with Phil Laut, author and teacher of this technique. I am a certified Level IV Professional Breathworker through Jim Morningstar and the Transformations Breathwork Training Program in Milwaukee and a member of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance. Over the last 33 years, I have facilitated CCB for over 10,000 people nationally and internationally.

Q. What is the cost involved in doing this process?
Please see my rates page.

Q. What results can I expect?
What most people experience is:

  • Taking responsibility for their lives
  • Accepting themselves and their past experiences
  • Real connection to their Breath
  • Letting-go of past hurts
  • Greater willingness to go through fear
  • Greater sense of peace and relaxation

If you have any questions that have not been answered, please contact me.