A life transforming technique with a life transforming, trustworthy, comforting, disarming mentor. It changed my life.

Mauricio - Executive
New Orleans, LA

For me, Conscious Breathing is like being involved in a grand opening celebration. My left brain went on hold, and I opened all my sensory receptors like never before.

Bill - Professor
New Orleans, LA

This process was profound and transformational for me. An incredible experience.

Judy - Life Coach Trainer
Slidell, LA

From doing this process I have felt greater and greater freedom in my life. A powerful weapon against past negativity that I am finally releasing.

Craig - Attorney
New Orleans, LA

The process with Jack changed my life. I am lighter from letting go of past hurts and I am no longer a victim in my life.

Theresa - Asst. Administrator
Hattiesburg, MS

Last year, I met my birthmother and four half-sisters for the first time. Jack Fontana's Conscious Connected Breathing sessions made me more consciously aware that what I was experiencing, and had been supressing, was cellular in nature. A profound life-changing healing experience... especially when combined with yoga and meditation practices.

Denise - Author
New Orleans, LA

Conscious Connected Breathing helps me to experience a profound state of relaxation that serves to renew me so that I can give to others.

Linda - Nurse
New Orleans, LA