Inspire Freedom


My name is Jack Anthony Fontana.

I have been a professional breathwork practitioner in my hometown of New Orleans since 1985 and I am now residing in Florence, Montana. Over the years I have worked in private and group settings and am now working full time online.Because of the Covid pandemic the Internet has become a surprising platform to experience the powerful benefits of Conscious Connected Breathing. I am amazed and excited that the healing power of the Breath literally has no bounds.

From Fear To Love Online

My work with clients has been rewarding in many ways. I am amazed and touched by the lives of others and by the process of their healing. To see how we are all different and yet so similar makes me keenly aware of our uniqueness and our connectedness in spirit.


"I am a licensed psychologist in Louisiana. I have known Jack for 25 years and have been a former client and more recently one of his breathwork assistants for the past few years. Jack's presence emanates loving acceptance and safety. My breathwork experiences with Jack have been the most powerful and profound healing work that I have ever experienced and far surpass any traditional therapy experience. If you're ready for deep healing, take that next big step for yourself. It'll likely be the most important work you'll have ever done!"


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